Step-by-step plan to get rich

step-by-step plan to get rich

When I first started looking for a step-by-step plan to get rich, I was sadly disappointed that there was no-one who was prepared to tell me ‘do this, do that, get rich’.

I couldn’t understand why not? After all there were plenty of people online who were rich, or at least were telling me they were wealthy beyond dreams.

So why not show everybody how?

What I came to realize, after years of following this, that and the other training programs, is that most people who are claiming that they have the ‘secret’ to getting rich online only give you part of the answer.

The reason why they do this is obvious, in retrospect. By giving you part of the method, these canny marketers can then follow up with more and more ‘partial’ trainings that, hopefully, build up the complete picture.

One big problem then occurs – we call it ‘information overload’.

You end up with a hard drive littered with ‘partial’ training programs, possibly from different people, and your brain goes all fuzzy when it tries to put them all together.

And the result? You end up doing nothing.

Information overload means that, no matter how much ‘training’ you receive, you are incapable of actually making any progress because it just all seems too complicated.

Which is why the only way forward is a step-by-step plan to get rich.

Step-by-step means exactly that. You take the first step then, once you’ve crossed the starting line, take the next step, always following a clear path to your goal.

Of course, you have to set your goal in the first place. And, no, it’s not just ‘get rich’. Your initial goal has to be something definable and that you can envisage achieving.

Without a clearly defined goal, you could spend a lifetime planning how to ‘get rich’, but never, actually, take the steps to get there.

It’s highly important that each section of your step-by-step plan to get rich is something you really believe is achievable. It’s no use dreaming of becoming a billionaire if you don’t know how to make your first million. Or, indeed your first 100 grand.

And few of us really believe, in our heart of hearts, that we can make a 100 grand that easily.

So set your initial sights lower. Plan to make $10,000 first of all. Or even set your target as $1000 if you’ve never made even a dollar online before.

Then, when you’ve achieved that first target, and proved to yourself (and your friends and relations) that your step-by-step plan to get rich really works, you can set the next higher target – scale the system up and follow the path to your dream income.

None of this is difficult, providing you start with a step-by-step plan and a defined and, more importantly, believable goal.

That goal, and that plan, will be different for everybody. Because we’re not all the same. Which is why the marketers peddling their ‘partial’ get-rich-quick schemes cannot possibly give you the solution all-in-one.

And that’s why, if you’ve already tried to earn money online, you’ve failed to make it.

Get yourself a tailored plan

So your step-by-step plan to get rich must be tailored to you. It must take into account your current abilities, your short-term (as well as long-term) goal and your mindset.

By ‘mindset’ I’m not talking mamby-pamby nonsense about Law of Attraction or anything like that (there is some validity to the Law of Attraction, but it’s not what you and nearly everybody else thinks it is).

It IS so important that your mind is in the right place, both at the beginning of your training as well as how you develop confidence throughout your training. Without confidence, you won’t feel like going forward and are more likely to give up too easily – which is almost certainly why you have failed before.

It doesn’t take much to instill confidence – just a helping hand. Which is where coaching comes in.

Now, I know you may well be thinking ‘but, Peter, I can’t afford coaching’. But what if I could show you how you can get one-on-one coaching PLUS the training you need for a few tens of dollars a month – would that interest you?

It should do. I’ve a few places opening up for this opportunity right now. So hop on a call with me (it’s free) and let’s discuss your current situation, where you want to be in a year’s time and formulate a step-by-step plan to get you there.

You can schedule a call with me by clicking here. And I look forward to talking with you.

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Comment (1)

  • Peter Beckenham| January 26, 2018

    Hi Peter,

    You hit the nail right on the head by sharing this awesome advice that took many of us years to finally understand and come to terms with – whilst losing thousands of dollars and wasted hours of effort in the process!

    Step by step in a custom plan based on your goals, skills & abilities, commitment levels, and mindset is the way to go.

    Let me add 2 caveats to your valuable post:

    1. Setting goals is only viable if you have a WHY in place – the reason behind your pursuit of success online.

    If it’s real enough and strong enough then it will be your security blanket in the tough times we all face on the way to your goals. But as you so wisely stated if these goals are more realistically achievable then the chances of success and building confidence increase dramatically

    2. I disagree with your “mamby-pamby” assessment of the laws of attraction. If people simply offer genuine help to others in their marketplace this mindset will draw people to them and result in far greater sales success than any other strategy

    As always enjoyed your content and would strongly encourage anyone reading this post to take you up on your awesome offer- an opportunity not t be missed.

    Cheers and best wishes

    The Village Marketer

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