The Right Recipe For Starting A Home Business

Do you ever feel like you’ve been steered completely in the wrong direction by all the home business training you’ve received in the past? Like all those courses you’ve bought into, the software you’ve downloaded (and done nothing with), the get-rich-quick programs that turned out to be nothing of the sort?

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Me too. I felt this way for a long time and became totally frustrated at all the BS that is peddled on the so-called ‘internet marketing’ and network marketing scenes.

You know what I found out?

I found (after years of struggling to make things work and literally tens of thousands of dollars in debt through spending doing it) that all these make-oodles-of-dough programs are designed to keep you busy – and poor!

Yes, you heard that right. All the shiny objects, the home business programs, courses and software that you’ve looked at (and those you’ve invested in) are meant to keep you wasting your time, doing things that don’t matter and never making a cent in return.

Why? Is it because the ‘gurus’ don’t want you to succeed?

Not quite – but it’s something like that.

You see, the more you are kept ‘busy’, absorbing this training, trying out that software, persevering with trying to make this work and that work, and never seeing a dime for your effort, the more likely you are to keep BUYING.

Get it?

The more you consume, and the less you get as a reward for your hard work, the more likely you are to keep trying out the latest, and greatest (so-called) system.

I’m going to reveal to you, right now, the best system that you can use to start a home business today.


It’s called ‘affiliate marketing’. Hah – too simple, right? You’ve heard it all before. I know. 

And I know what you’re thinking.

If it is THAT SIMPLE, why hasn’t it worked for me so far?

The honest truth is that I struggled for years trying to figure this stuff out. I committed myself to every system I bought into and, yes, had the occasional run of good luck. But, more often than not, everything I tried drew a blank.

And then I found out the reason why affiliate marketing and network marketing just doesn’t work for 97% of the people who try it.

It’s not a secret. But you WILL have trouble finding out why. Until you stop following the wrong recipe.

The home business recipe you’ve been told so far…

Here’s what I think you’ve been told to do up until now…

Affiliate marketing or Network marketing is easy. You don’t have to create a product, you don’t have to mess around designing a website, you don’t have to get into the tech of creating a sales funnel, deal with merchant accounts, handle customer problems or even write long sales letters. 

You know what? All of the above is true. It’s what makes affiliate or network marketing the number one way to start a home business.

But here’s what you’ve been told that’s wrong…

All you have to do is grab your affiliate link and post it in as many places as possible. Spread it around on Facebook, broadcast it on Twitter, add it to memes in Pinterest and Instagram, paste it in comments on forums and other people’s blog posts. And so on and so on.

You may even have tried making a YouTube video and added your link to the description.

Or you’ve been following the network marketing training your upline has given you…

Badger your family, friends and acquaintances with your opportunity every time you meet. Give your business card out to everybody and anybody. Run home meetings, get people on the phone, post your product images in Facebook groups, Pinterest and Instagram. Basically, if it has two legs and breathes, hit it with your opportunity!

Busy, busy, busy. Boy have you been busy.

And what have you got to show for all that effort?

Nothing, nada, niente (or very little anyway)

Like I said, I followed this crazy recipe for years. And got nowhere fast.


Because, quite frankly, this recipe is fundamentally flawed.

In fact it flouts ALL the rules of marketing. Every single one of them.

You see, the REAL SECRET is that everything that this recipe tells you to do does nothing to build a relationship with your prospects, nothing to engender trust, nothing that will help prospects to get to know, like and trust you.

And that, my friend, is the REAL SECRET to running a successful home business; getting people to know, like and trust you enough to follow your recommendation.

When people get to know you. When they start to resonate with you. When they begin to see that you’re not so different to them except that you’re the one who is following a recipe, a system, that really works. Then, and only then, will they trust you enough to click on your link and buy.

Get it?

I want to drum this important aspect of marketing into you because it really is the SECRET to successfully converting prospects into buyers that EVERY great marketer follows and uses to this day.

Think about it…

Who is the marketer that you most admire? Frank Kern? Brendon Burchard? Eric Worre? Tony Robbins? Dean Graziosi?

Whoever it is, note that they spend all their time promoting one thing, and one thing only. Themselves!

That’s right, they ONLY concentrate on branding themselves.

I’ll let that sink in.

Yes, I know that they are also promoting their own products. But even when they’re helping promote other people’s products (as Dean Graziosi did for Tony Robbins recently) the emphasis is still on primarily branding themselves.

See how it works?

So, my recommendation to you, right here, right now, is to STOP following a recipe that doesn’t work and that is so fundamentally flawed that it is designed to keep you busy, broke and frustrated and begin branding yourself. Starting right now.

Oh, so you don’t know how to do that?

No problem. I’ve got the answer for you.

It’s the same recipe that I am following and am still following. This is the first system that has actually worked for me, just like it has for ALL the top marketers you’ve heard of (and so many, many more that you haven’t heard of that are building 6 and 7 figure businesses today).

It’s called Attraction Marketing and you can get the recipe right here…

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