Is Affiliate Marketing Everything It Is Cracked Up To Be?

A lot of people ask me whether affiliate marketing is everything it is cracked up to be?

What they are really wondering is this…

Is Affiliate Marketing a scam or a legitimate business opportunity?

So, what’s the answer?

It’s a two-faced answer to a two-faced question. It can be a scam. Or it can be a legitimate business opportunity.

What do I mean by this?

There are plenty of business opportunities being offered every day, most of which purport to show you how to make a small fortune (or even a big one) using affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it is where you promote another vendor’s product or training and get paid a commission every time someone you’ve sent to the sales page actually buys.

Frankly, it is the fastest way of starting a lucrative online business. Because, as an affiliate, you don’t have to create your own products, your own sales pages or deal with product fulfilment and customer complaints etc.

And that’s where the problem lies.

Because it so easy to begin as an affiliate, affiliate marketing generates lots of vendors who peddle products that appeal to the ‘get-rich-quick’ crowd.

And there are plenty of ‘get-rich-quick’ mentality affiliates who try to sell every product under the sun, whether it has any value or not.

It is these vendors, and their affiliates, who give affiliate marketing and its training products a bad name. And provoke many people to call anything to do with affiliate marketing a scam.


Not everything about affiliate marketing is bad or scammy. There are many ethical and long-lasting business opportunities open to you as a budding affiliate.

You just need to know how to find them.

First of all, just jumping into affiliate marketing without any training is not going to get you anywhere.

Imagine if you were starting your own retail business – and trying to do it all on your own, without any help. Do you think you would succeed?

Of course not. The chances of succeeding in any business without either having a partner or a mentor, as well as hands-on training, are as close to zero as makes no odds.

Yet that is exactly what most new affiliates try to do. It’s not surprising that 97% of them never make a dime online!

I’ll let you into a secret. I spent the best part of ten years trying to crack affiliate marketing by doing it on my own. And had very limited to practically no success.

It wasn’t until I realised that I couldn’t possibly do it all myself, without someone showing me whether I was doing things right or wrong, that I began to make some headway.

I got myself a mentor, plus the focused training I needed, and that’s when my online business really began to take off.

How to start your own online business?

I don’t suggest that you go out there and start searching for coaching and training. I’ve found, to my cost, that a lot of coaching and training programs just end up confusing you.

Which is why I’m offering my help.

No, I’m not going to directly coach you myself. But I can help point you towards programs that I’ve used myself so that I know that they will help you become successful.

To find out what those are just fill out this short survey and let’s have a chat about the opportunities open to you. It won’t cost you anything and you’ll come away from our call with an action plan you can use to get started immediately.

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2 thoughts on “Is Affiliate Marketing Everything It Is Cracked Up To Be?”

  1. Excellent information Peter about a topic that should never be that hard to understand. The problem is with “affiliate marketing” as a concept but rather, as you so rightly said, with the “fast buck” merchants who will sell anything and everything to anyone just to make a dollar.

    May I add one more important aspect of affiliate marketing. The biggest mistake I see affiliate marketers doing, apart from those with an “overnight success” mindset, is the fact many go looking for a product or service to sell and then go looking for someone to sell it to.

    The smart affiliate marketers are those who identify a specific niche need first and then go looking for a solution to that need.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise – I enjoyed your post

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