Solo Ad Success Formula Review

What is the Solo Ad Success Formula?

Put simply, the Solo Ad Success Formula is the easiest and most straightforward way of getting visitors to your website.

So, if it is so simple, why do we need a formula?

Because, like a lot of aspects of life, people tend to overcomplicate simple things. And that over complication makes them approach Solo Ads in the wrong way.

The Solo Ad Success Formula puts that right. It shows you the straightforward way to get targeted traffic to your blog or website or squeeze page and then turn those visitors into customers.

As simple as that.

Of course you have to understand that, by themselves, Solo Ads are a complete waste of time and money. I should know; I have literally spent thousands of dollars on Solo Ads and received virtually nothing back.

So what makes the Solo Ad Success Formula so different?

Quite simply, it is based on the extensive experience of Misha Wilson who, over years of trial and experimentation, (and, like me, throwing away a lot of money), finally found a way to make Solo Ads work.

You see, the problem that you, I and everyone else has with Solo Ads is that we go about buying and using Solo Ads the wrong way.

Let’s start at the beginning so you can get an understanding of the problems, and then discover the solution…

A Solo Ad is when you send an advertisement, usually couched as an email message, to another online marketer’s email list. In return the marketer agrees to keep sending out your message (or ad) until the required number of visitors has come to your website.

So far, so good. What could possibly go wrong?

After all, you’ve got your message across in an email that purports to come from the other marketer. And, hopefully, the people on his list trust him enough to read his message and click the link in that message that takes them to your website.

Yes, well, that all seems fine. Until you realize that those people have clicked a message that they believe came from the marketer they know. And then, all of a sudden, they end up on your website.

And they don’t know you!

So, in that case, why should you expect them to buy anything from you, or even follow your recommendations?

Exactly. And that is why most people fail at Solo Ads.

If you’ve had experience of Solo Ads it’s likely that, like me, you gave them up as a joke. Except it’s not funny losing so much money and having nothing but a list of unresponsive subscribers to show for it.

Which is why I was so intrigued that Misha Wilson uses Solo Ads primarily to drive people to his own websites and readily turns them into customers.

So what, I wondered, was he doing differently?

That’s where the Solo Ad Success Formula comes in. In this groundbreaking training, Misha shows exactly what he does to convert visitors from Solo Ads into customers – time after time after time.

And then he trains you to do exactly the same.

I’m not the only one to discover this method. Listen to what Dan Muscat has to say about the day he discovered the Solo Ad Success Formula…

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Solo Ad Success FormulaSo, if you want to find the easiest, simplest way to get visitors to your website, blog or squeeze page, do what I did and find out more about the Solo Ad Success Formula – here.


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