Why should I start an online business?

If you’re wondering “Why should I start an online business?”, over the next few posts I’m going to reveal the benefits of working online as well as various methods to get started.

Starting an online business sounds like an intriguing idea, even if it seems like a mysterious undertaking for most. But is it something that the average person would actually be wise to consider doing, or is it just for the geeks and superpreneurs among us?

It may surprise you to discover that starting an online business is relatively easy for the ordinary person, and for some very sound reasons.

Firstly, in terms of economics the ‘world of work’ is undergoing dramatic and irreversible changes these days.

Up until a generation ago, although technology might replace an individual human job (such as a switchboard operator), it also enabled a firm to scale up and grow, resulting in an increased need for employees overall.  In other words, technological advances increased the productivity of the workers, but it did not eliminate whole sectors of the workforce.

Today, however, things have changed.

Automation has truly made many traditional occupations entirely redundant, and sometimes retraining for new work opportunities is impossible. Higher education is also changing towards an online delivery model in place of face-to-face teaching. In view of these trends, starting an online business is a smart way to hedge against future corporate downsizing and lay-offs.

Another obvious benefit of starting an internet business is to cash in on the swing towards online shopping, and away from traditional consumer purchasing behavior. And of course it’s not just about shopping – so much of people’s lives and communication relies on the internet that, as a marketer, getting online means getting in front of your audience in the most effective way possible.

As an entrepreneur, the decision to shape your business using an online platform is one that will minimise the usual risks of starting up. For example, the capital needed to get to operational stage with an online business can be as little as about $200, compared to the huge conventional costs of retail shopfitting, signage, purchasing inventory, leasing and other brick-and-mortar expenditure.

A ‘virtual’ business can be almost free of overheads, as well as avoiding many of the other structural limitations that go with physical stores. You can literally run your online business from anywhere in the world, using a laptop and internet connection.

Running an online business is a flexible sideline that almost anyone can learn to do.

Successful online businesses have generated liberating levels of income for people of every age bracket, background and academic achievement, and can be begun while still working or studying fulltime.

In light of today’s social and commercial trends, and in order to generate your dream lifestyle in the future, starting an online business is your quickest route to financial freedom.

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I want to see how an online business works so I can learn how to do it from home

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I want to grow my existing online business so I can scale up and reach my income goals

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2 thoughts on “Why should I start an online business?”

  1. Starting an online business is one of the most popular things to do these days and all because of the technology changes we see happening as you mentioned.

    However, research tells us that more than 90% of all online businesses are in fact “out of business” by the 3 rd month – yes just 120 days see the majority of these aspiring entrepreneurs give up and move on.

    And this is the main reason for their failure – lack of persistence and consistency. It takes a lot of work plus a commitment to invest both time and money into their business. Way too many think that the purchase of say, a $47 product, will magically give them $10K a month in income.

    The other big issue with starting an online business is that the new “owner” is now responsible for everything, including their toughest employee – themselves. Way too many brand new online marketers need to move their thinking from an employee to an entrepreneurial mindset id they are to stand any chance of success in the online marketing world

    As always a very thought-provoking post- thanks Peter

    1. And another horrifying statistic is that 97% of people starting an online business never make more than a few dollars, even after years of struggle.
      I’ve made it my goal to help people become part of the 3% that do succeed and helping them get started with the right approach and strategy.

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