Why choose affiliate marketing?

Choosing affiliate marketing is opting for one of the fastest, easiest and least expensive ways to being able to earn a substantial income online.

Why choose affiliate marketing to kick-start your online business?

Most people who start looking for ways to earn money online begin by searching for terms like ‘best way to make money online’ or ‘how to start an online business’. They may even ask ‘how to make money fast?’ or ‘make money online for free’.

The reasons people search for terms like this is either because they are desperate to earn extra money or they are fed up with their day job. And turning to the internet to ask these questions is practically their only option. Because, unlike other professions, very few folk know of anyone who has actually succeeded running an online business.

The fact remains that there are a few people who are obviously making money – and a lot of it – using online methods. And it is also a fact that there are a lot of ‘marketers’ who put on a brave face but are actually struggling to make even a few dollars online.

You may well have heard that online sales of physical products, digital products, courses and education, increase by a staggering average of 23% every year. This growth does not look like slowing down anytime soon, and the financial transactions that these sales represent include a parallel increase in sales for advertising channels and commission earning affiliates too.

But how can you get a slice of this action for yourself? And which piece of the pie should you be looking at when you are just beginning?

After all, the usual Google search terms I’ve mentioned above give a long list of possible money making methods, including online surveys, building websites, writing content, and even something called ‘no-risk matched betting’! 

Why choose affiliate marketing?

But are any of these what you had in mind to kick-start your online business?

I don’t expect so. Most people seriously looking to earn online want to build a business that will provide a passive income stream, not just trade hundreds of wasted hours of their spare time for limited dollars.

Having said all of this, an interesting trend emerges when you look at the early online efforts of many of today’s top earners. A huge proportion of them (including myself) got their start by learning affiliate marketing. And what is affiliate marketing? It is simply marketing someone else’s product online in order to earn a generous commission on every sale.

And why choose affiliate marketing? For various good reasons, including the fact that you don’t need to have your own product, you don’t need your own website, you can get started very quickly, and you can also begin either for free, or for a very low investment of under about $20.

However, there is another reason to choose affiliate marketing as the place to begin your online business – one not usually recognized or valued. This reason is that, even though affiliate marketing itself is a simple system to learn, the activities you engage in while you build each affiliate marketing campaign actually expand your skill set as you progress.

This means that – unlike writing articles, filling out surveys, or even building websites – by learning affiliate marketing you will be exposed more and more to the key ingredients of long-term online success; skills like social media marketing, advertising strategies and relationship building. In other words, choosing affiliate marketing is a sound way to launch a potentially great online career.

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6 thoughts on “Why choose affiliate marketing?”

  1. Hi Peter

    The simplicity of affiliate marketing is indeed one of its most attractive features but even more so is the point you made abourt being able to earn whilst you learn.

    The virtually zero establishment period required for affiliate marketing is an excellent feature just as long as the learning does take place AND it’s taken from experienced marketers like yourself. Way too many new affiliate marketers learn very little in their urgent drive to earn income.

    1. Too true, Peter, and I take the point about learning.

      The surprising thing is that affiliate marketing is actually very simple, when you follow the right strategy. As humans, we all have a tendency to overcomplicate things. And that’s where people get bogged down, because they think there is some sort of ‘secret’ and go looking for it.
      The reality is that everyone needs a system to follow, and that’s what I show people who are willing to take things step by step.

  2. Hi Peter,

    Totally agree with the need to have a simple to follow – this makes it easy for folks to avoid all the “distractions” that the online world presents to us every single day. This is where we can lose FOCUS and that is usually terminal when it comes to success with any form of marketing.

  3. Great article. This is useful to affiliate programmers. Thank you for sharing such a nice article with your readers. Since 2015 doing affiliate marketing with ClickBank, warrior plus and JVZoo still trying to find new and best affiliate marketing websites by which can grow my affiliate business.

  4. Hola Peter

    A well written and balanced view of affiliate marketing. If potential affiliate marketers took the time to learn the skills needed to be successful, I feel that many more would achieve the level of success they desire.

    Best Regards

    1. Well, isn’t that the truth? Seems to me that too many people think there’s some hidden ‘secret’ to becoming a successful affiliate, whereas the truth is that it is just a skill that has to be learned.

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